Vacuum Dust Extraction Units

The industrial vacuum dust extraction unit is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with the hand sanding machines, hand sanding blocks and the new Mirka Deco Sander. The vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning workrooms. The vacuum cleaner has adjustable suction and automatic electrical start.

Vacuum cleaner 915 – use the vacuum cleaner with hand-sanding machines, hand-sanding blocks, the Deco Sander and the Miro 955. The vacuum cleaner can be used with a paper as well as a plastic dustbag.

Part NumberDescription
8999760111 Dust Extraction Machine 915 • 230V
8999330111 Dust Extraction Machine 915 • 110V


Dust Extraction Accessories

Coaxial hose 32mm x 5m – earthed hose connection eliminates static electricity in the hose. We recommend that you always use the Mirka antistatic hose with the vacuum cleaner.

Pneumatic box for vacuum cleaner – the pneumatic box enables the vacuum cleaner to automatically start when you start the sanding machine connected to the vacuum cleaner

Dual operator kit – the dual operator kit enables the connection of two machines to the vacuum cleaner

Part NumberDescription
8992510211 Dual Operator Kit
8992510311 Dual Vacuum Kit (without air couplings)
8999600411 Filter
8999700211 Fleece Dust bag
8999701011 Pneumatic Box for 8999760111
8992514511 Coaxial Hose • 5,5 m
8992515011 Hose • 2.5 m • Festo